Aimo Hyvärinen, photographs & Risto Hämäläinen, sculptures

We made this joint exhibition after several trips to finnish nature by feet and sailing boat. We talked about how to maintain and communicate the emotion and touch of timeflow in the nature.

The face of time is an exhibition about time in the nature. Eternity is in the continuity of change in the repeated forms and colours of the nature - clouds are as everlasting as stones.

For the nature one hundred years is like a second to us. To force nature to follow our rapid timeflow is a terrible mistake - natural time is more than we can comprehend.

On view:

Laterna Magica, Rauhankatu 7, Helsinki 28.1.-8.2. 2003,

Tampere house, winter garden 19.2.-16.3.2003,

Taitemia -galleria, Piispankatu, Kuopio, 3.4.-17.4.2003.