tel. +358503457078
e-mail: irma.silvennoinen(at)


several seminars and courses (Final Cut, film production etc.)

teacher studies

a half year course in arts management (production), The University of Tampere together with Tampere School of Art and Communications, 1995

Satakunta College of Arts and Crafts, video department, 1992-1994

Master of Arts, The University of Tampere (studies in litterature, journalism and sosiology), 1992


part-owner in a production company, HiQ visual ltd 1989-2015

Living Experiment- the Road to an Independent Life, a film for the National Association for the Disabled in Finland (finnish/english versions), 1999

Siisti yhteys (A Neat Connection), shortfilm about tele-loneliness 1996 (Kettupäivät-festival)

Valintoja (Choices), dramatized documentary about women who have gone through abortion 1994, screened on three festivals (94-95) and in TV1 -96

producer-scriptwriter, cd-rom multimedia "soviet dada- the Rise and Fall of the Lenin cult",
published in Finland by WSOY, 1999

producer-editor f.ex. of documentaries Artist´s Head 2008-10, Kuvitelma totuudesta (View on Truth) 2002, Melkein ruotsalaisia (Almost Swedes) 1999, Kaaos ja kauneus (Chaos and Beauty)1997, Savituli (Clayfire) 1994

organizer, script f.ex. Ennenvanhaan (In The Old Days), musicvideo for children, 1992

soundrecordist Valokuva-tie alitajuntaan (Photograph - The Way to The Subconsiousness),1990

script f.ex. Puu-metsän kohtalo (Wood is the Fate of The Forest), 1988

Other activities:

video art (1988-1993)
f.ex. Pathétique 1993 (MuuMediaFestivals in Helsinki 93) Karma 1990 (screened in 2nd international videofestivals in Kuopio/Finland 90; A Week for Women´s Films, Helsinki/Finland 90),  Evolution 1990 (videoinstallation, Tampere 90, Kopenhagen/Denmark 90),  Personal Affairs II 1990 (A Week for Women´s Films 90)

teacher/ instructor of video art, editing, production etc. :
several courses and workshops  f.ex. in Tampere Vocational Institute, Kankaanpää Art School, Tampere School of Art and Communications  
Tampere communal free-acces videoworkshop 1996-99
Tampere Art Scool for Children and Young 1992, 1994 -1996
Tampereen Normaalikoulu, (high school) 1994-96

writing jounalist:

stories for VISIO 1996 (professional magazine of communications)
Kaukajärven Uutiset 1990-1991 (a local paper)
Tampereen Yliopistouutiset 1988 (a paper of the University of Tampere)

Positions of trust:

Association of Tampere Videoworkshop, 1989-92, Association of Pori Videoworkshop 1993-94


The Finnish Culture Foundation, as a member of a working team for making a documentary, 2001
The Finnish Culture Foundation, as a member of a working team for developement of "soviet dada" multimedia, 1998
The Pirkanmaa District Grant, for working period, 1998
Tampere Town, for script-writing, 1996